Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Here we go!

Welcome and hello!
I have been toying with this idea of starting a blog, a virtual journal of sorts, to share the wildlife and natural happenings I find all around me. Having been in Brooklyn for the last 4 years and on Roosevelt Island for a year before that, I have been amazed at the wildlife, plants, and natural processes going on in what is the ultimate of urban settings, New York City.
I am in no way a wildlife tracking expert, but I enjoy sharing my findings with others through photos I capture. Sometimes, I even find some of the ordinary things we take for granted to be special and interesting. So I am just your average person, keeping an observant eye, ear, and nose out for anything interesting in all my daily activities.
I hope my ramblings and photos can inspire others to become more observant in their day-to-day and maybe allow people to see that natural world that is hidden around their own neighborhoods.

Photo from summer 2012: Williamsburg, Brooklyn looking towards Manhattan with double crested cormorants gathered on pilings on the East River.