Friday, March 8, 2013

March Comes in Like a Lion

Central park, looking to the SE corner. The city always looks so much prettier in snow... But only fresh snow. Brown-grey snow is gross.
     The last few days the weatherman has got me good. There has been all this talk about snow and rain and the last two days I have taken care to wear some sort of shoe to ensure that my feet stayed dry and it never even got wet out there. Well, I look out my window this morning and I see this sad coating of wet snow, I curse the weatherman and his poor predictions the last few days and snubbed the snow boots and went for the sneakers. Terrible choice. We got about 2 inches of this wet smushy snow and I got cold wet feet in return, but my cold wet feet didn't stop me from going on a lunchtime walk through Central Park to get some pretty animals in snow photos.
     The fun thing about Central Park is that it's chock full of tourists, so when you point a camera at ANYTHING, people will try and see what you are looking at and they usually get pretty disappointed when it's just a sparrow and not Brad Pitt. Although, tourists, especially European tourists, get really excited for squirrels as I have learned that they don't really have squirrels there. Who knew!

I shouldn't even complain about my wet feet. This male mallard had his feet buried in the snow. Mallards are very widespread, you can find them across N. America, Asia, Europe, and even a bit of Africa.   
This female cardinal looks amazing in the snow. I feel like everyone needs a good cardinal in the snow photo.
I need to point out the cute tongue action occurring here. I love how the snow is stuck between his whiskers! 
A white throated sparrow finds a tasty tidbit.
I find it amazing that this dainty little sparrow is a descendant of dinosaurs. Can't you see a little glint of T-rex in that eye?
Hard to believe all these little birds and more live in the shadow of concrete towers, but they do!
Hold on little guys! Spring will be here soon, I hope!
     The snow is pretty, but I am definitely looking forward to the "lamb" part of March.