Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rich Raccoons...

     I was walking home from work last night at around 8:15PM, I take the 57th street F train home, so I walk along Central Park South to get there. As I am walking I hear this scraping-scratching sound. I turn to my right and THIS is shimmying its way down the tree trunk.... See him?
...Of course my phone is FULL of photos and slow when getting the camera open, so I missed his face.
     Of course when you see someone looking at something and whipping their phone out to take a picture in NYC, all of a sudden at least 7 more people join you, thinking "OHH, what are they looking at?! It must be good." The people that joined me were asking what it was. When I told them that it's a raccoon, they were so surprised that raccoons live in Manhattan. I told them, they live just about all over the city and are really good (well, except this guy) at being super sneaky and getting around and finding lots of food in the night.
     I figure this raccoon must make a fairly good salary to be living along the boundaries of the park, people pay millions of dollars for the view he must wake up to.