Sunday, June 23, 2013

One Happy Spider

If you look closely... reeeeally close, someone has taken residence between the basil and lavender.
     Not going to lie, I have been exhausted lately. Camp has started up at work and dang, those kids are full of energy! We also are doing a longer camp day than last year, so that also has been exhausting - this resulted in a weekend of napping and laying around, since the heat was on outside.
     I did walk out onto our (tiny) terrace, where I have all my herbs growing and noticed a perfect little orb web with a tiny spider smack in the middle. He appears very happy, the pattern on his-- or her-- abdomen looks like a happy grin. I hope this spider makes itself comfy, I do love them and hope he catches all the mosquitoes that try getting into our home.
Do you see the happy grin? It also looks kind of like a kitty face.
Spider silk is one of the strongest materials on Earth. Scientists are always experimenting with it or trying to create their own version of spider silk material. Spider silk is pretty awesome and our attempt to create our own version is known as biomimicry, trying to recreate things that occur naturally. Learn more here!
Many people fear spiders, and all spiders are venomous, but most are harmless and all have zero interest in people. They hang out near us because their food (insects) is attracted to our gardens and homes. I used to fear spiders growing up, but once you learn about them and meet a few... and if you're lucky, keep a giant furry one as a pet for a few years, you learn to appreciate them. I had a rose-hair tarantula for a few years and owe it to a tarantula for getting me over my fear of spiders. 
Spiders have the ability to produce many different types of silk and different species of spiders use the silk in different ways. Ain't s/he a cute little thing?
Spiders are awesome, I hope people appreciate them for what they are and what they do for us in terms of pest control. Spiders are always welcome in our home, although sometimes they need rescuing and a relocation to the outdoors as our cat has an appetite for them. They really are amazing little creatures, though.