Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Opposite Ends of the Spectrum

     While I work in a zoo in the middle of Manhattan, believe it or not, there is still the chance to see wildlife. Snapped with my handy iPhone, I captured within a week the cutest of creatures and the (I still think cute and amazing) what most people consider the ugliest or them all - hopefully if you read this blog you think they are cute too...
This lil' fella was seen in our room in the morning, up high. He was a sight to behold as he was LARGE. This is a huntsman spider. Instead of building webs, as adults, these spiders are active hunters.
Supposedly these guys are fast, but the room is so well air conditioned that this guy slowed down quite a bit. I was able to bring him outside to be released. With his legs extended, he could easily have reached across the palm of my hand. What an amazing creature! Spiders are awesome!
And now for the ugly creature.... the disgustingly adorable baby mallard. Mallards are freeloaders and take advantage of the ponds at work. There were 4 this morning, hopefully mom won't loose too many. In my experience, mallard moms are the worst at keeping tabs on their kids...