Friday, September 26, 2014

Prospect Park 9/26/14

     Started my day with a lovely walk through Prospect Park. The park is quiet, but if you look up in the trees you can find tons of birds foraging on insects, fueling themselves for their journey south.

An Eastern Phoebe (named after the call it makes) darts to nab flying insects.
This bird sits, waits, watches, then flies out and catches insects. So, you often see them darting from a perch and back. 
The red tail hawks were restless, they vocalized much of the 2 hours I walked around. WhenI saw this bird, it was flying low with another, and above them, higher in the air column were 2 more, circling. I later encountered one in the woods, presumably one of the birds sighted earlier.
A black and white warbler (one of the less confusing fall warblers) walks briskly along as well as up and down branches, in search of insects.
A Northern parula eyes the undersides of leaves for hiding insects. 

One insect that can sit out in the open without worry...
Since silkweed bugs feed on milkweed plants, as this one is doing, they take on the toxic chemicals that the plant contains. Their bright colors as as a warning, "don't eat me!" If something did take a nibble, either they would be left with an unpleasant taste or an awful case of indigestion.
A male house sparrow happily bathes in the upper pool.
Shot of the day, totally goes to this mute swan, darn you, for being so picturesque!