Monday, January 19, 2015

Getting Better All the Time...

     The last few days, my life has been put on hold as I took on the flu. It was pretty awful, on the first day of having it, I came down with a 103 fever and walking was rough. Thankfully with some meds and lots of rest, getting out and moving was at the top of today's list!
     I did a double feature of sorts, I began the morning at a new location, Bush Terminal Park. Brooklyn is slowly becoming more and more, parkland along it's waterfront. It's pretty great, and this park has a lot of potential. Don't be off put by it's odd location, behind warehouses and factories, there are then ball fields, a walkable jetty, the nicest looking bathrooms, fashioned out of containers (to go with the theme of the area), and lovely views of downtown Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.
     I then took a break at home to warm up before heading out to Prospect to see the birds on the (frozen) lake and at the feeders.
Downtown Manhattan.
Gulls on Ice! Coming to an arena near you! Lots of ring billed gulls today!  
The juvenile great black backed gull just realized something really embarrassing, or is just bathing, happily.
American wigeons on the wing.

Red breasted mergansers braving the waves and wind.
This and other ring-billed gulls were soaring down, and touching the water, were they drinking? eating? performing magical feats? I don't know, but it was lovely to watch.
And once they did this, they would just sail back up into the air!
      After 2 hours of warming up, it was back out to Prospect, and many more charismatic gulls!

A juvenile ring-billed gull, leaving the scene...
The birds were very close because someone tossed cracked corn down and the birds were going bonkers. I love this, because here, your regular, everyday, ring-billed gull looks so absolutely beautiful. The everyday really is lovely, especially if you just take a closer look!
The sun was shining and bright, but ominous clouds were to the north, making for this unreal scene. 
This goose walked across the ice from about 100 yards away, and he did it in such a total gangsta way...This goose means business.
A Northern shoveler drake, they are so handsome!
An American coot gives the side eye...
A floofy American goldfinch at the feeders, they were most fun to watch.
Nobody likes a showoff...
Speaking of showing off, that is what I'm doing this May. I am going to be running the Brooklyn Half Marathon this spring. I am terrified and excited, as I have never run that distance! This will be my first half marathon and I am also fundraising for the NY Road Runners' Team for Kids, to bring education about good health, being active, and bringing sports to underserved schools here in NYC. If you would be so kind to support me with any amount, it would be so very appreciated! If you only decide to cheer me on as I take on such a challenge, I would be most happy with that as well! You can find my fundraising page here, Thank You!