Friday, March 27, 2015

Signs of Spring

     It's the end of March, next week we transition into April and all things pastel colored. The trees are still bare, the skies often grey, and I think most of us are starting to crave springtime. I often find myself "hangry," its when you are so hungry for food you begin to anger easily and lack any sort of patience. Well, I know I am hangry for spring. Thankfully small glimpses are beginning to show, sometimes you see it in the little things, like green poking up from the soil or looking at animals slowly emerging from the woodwork... or South. Small spring signs are all around...
These first three pictures are from some small adventures I took this week, Monday I wandered the middle of Brooklyn with my wonderful coworker/partner is nerdy crime, finding our way to the Prospect Park zoo and main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. I hung out, before meeting up with her in Grand Army Plaza, where I watched house sparrows, pigeons, and the occasional mocking bird. The house sparrows would station themselves on a prime pillar of the Arch at Grand Army and sing about their prime territory. I mean the rent around there is sky high, so he must be doing pretty well in life, I'm sure he could provide a lot for some lucky female. I also loved how these little birds were perched above eagles carved into the granite stone.
Grackles are coming back to the area in large flocks. I did note a lone grackle here and there over the winter, but now they have returned for spring and summer. From afar, they just look like a blackbird, but in sunlight they shine. I love the iridescence they possess, and as always, I'm a sucker for yellow eyes! This Grackle and others were on the duck pond in the zoo, stealing dropped food from the duck feeder machines and foraging for any morsels in the exhibit.
White throated sparrows will soon be seen less and less. These handsome little birds will soon make their way North to reproduce and bring back next year, a new generation to our area.
After leaving the zoo we walked to the Brooklyn Public Library, which admittedly, I had never explored more than running in to use the bathroom! We walked alongside the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and saw that the sloping sides were covered in crocus, which always is a great spring sign. These flowers are so beautiful and dainty. They make their appearance for a short time, leaving us all in anticipation for next spring!
Wednesday, before work, I took a stroll along the beach in Coney Island. I love the warm morning sunlight which made that morning walk quite comfortable. Well, except for the random guy swimming at the beach who proceeded to also change his clothes on the beach, that was awkward and made me move quickly away. Some things are only reserved for Coney Island.
On this morning many of the rides in Luna Park were being tested in anticipation of opening, I think this or next weekend! The Wonder Wheel has all it cars installed back on for the season, Coney Island is slowly, but surely, coming back to life.
I walked out onto the fishing Pier just behind MCU Park, where the Cyclones play baseball. I loved this pigeon who was just basking in the morning sun.
A young great black backed gull looks stately on top of a lamppost on the pier.
Two horned grebes were diving and fishing just below the pier. On Tuesday during work when checking out a local marine- I got to see my very first red necked grebe. It was very cool and one to go down in my book! 
 A herring gull is ready for breeding season in his perfectly white feathers and grey wings.
I admit, with winter (slowly) leaving us, I will miss the waterfowl that is about to make its way north... Till next winter, Mr. Red Breasted Merganser!