Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bonding Over Birding

     Once life takes us past our days spent in an educational institution, as an adult, finding people to welcome into your life as friends can be tough. And naturalist activities, like birding, have introduced me to many folks. As of late, I have been happy making new connections with people over a similar interest.
     Today took me to Prospect where I met my friend and her friend. I was happy her friend tagged along with us to bird, I hope we got him hooked! We had so much fun, sharing lots of stories and laughs.
     We saw lots of birds like black-crowned night heron, green heron, wood duck, belted kingfisher, black-and-white warbler, palm warblers (with their tell-tale "tail-twerk"), and hermit thrush among many others.
Enjoy a few sights, but more importantly, grab a friend- get out- and explore!
"THIS IS MY TRAIL!" At least that's how this American robin made it seem as he marched with a purpose over to the two hermit thrushes that lurked nearby.
Happy to see not one...
...but TWO painted turtles basking with this group of red-eared sliders. The painted turtles are native, to tell the two apart: Painted turtles lack that red mark on the sides of their heads, have a darker carapace (top shell) with red markings along the margins and the yellow plastron.
Awful photo, but this is my first of the year Northern Parula, which in real life is a gorgeous little thing with wings.
This male wood duck was calling his little whistle call. Everyone thinks that ducks quack, to that I say false... check out the wood duck call, it's so cute and so less harsh than the well-known "quack" of a mallard.
     Before I leave you, please check out my friends contribution to a local Brooklyn Paper - and check out some of the places he suggests, great places to visit!