Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Welcome, Spring

     Spring gets me pretty excited, the weather warms, the colors return, and so does the wildlife. On the first day of Spring, this past Sunday, I had some free time for myself to walk through Prospect Park and take in what it had to offer, even with the impending snow that came and coated Brooklyn overnight-- but thankfully quickly went away, I was pleased with my walk from my home through the southern portion of the lake, up to the vale, back through the midwood and out from where I came.
Gorgeous magnolias were breaking through their protective bud to flaunt those fluffy pink flowers.

This male American goldfinch is starting to molt into some breeding plumage- a more brilliant yellow with perfect black markings.
The male ruddy duck is also starting to get into his "sexy" plumage. His bill will be a brilliant blue with rusty brown feathers on his backside. A black cap will be contrasted by neat, white cheeks.
Robins are switching their diet from winter berries to insects- robins are not a sign of spring, but their change in behavior surely is.
Love is in the air, preening one another, a bond is formed and solidified between this mourning dove pair.

A first of 2016 for me, a warbling pine warbler- singing with another individual, wayyyyy up high. Let the season of sore necks commence! And also, the season of terrible warbler photos!
A chipping chipmunk!

I do not know the species of plant, but I really enjoyed how soft these brand new leaves were and their vibrant colors.

White throated sparrow.
Song sparrows have come around in large numbers- they were fairly common in all areas I visited in the park.
Another American Goldfinch male.
A vibrant male N. cardinal.
Saw 4 of the 5 woodpeckers today: Hairy (above), downy (EVERYWHERE), red bellied, and yellow-bellied sapsucker-- I only missed the N. Flicker.
Yay for spring! What are you waiting for, get out there are start exploring!