Sunday, August 28, 2016

Prospect 8.26.16

     Decided to work a half day on Friday in that I was working Saturday, so what better way to spend that half of the day not at work? Birding in the park.
     I was fortunate to run into a birding buddy on my way into the park, so I birded in good company (and some heat, it was warm and muggy) in a park I feel like I might have neglected this summer in terms of visiting often.
     Enjoy the sights...
That guy who always shows up early to everything.... like me, this Northern Shoveler showed up to the party early. These guys overwinter in the park, but this one guy showed up early. Perhaps he is anticipating an early winter?
Very easily differentiated from any duck on the lake- even when silhouetted, that oversized bill is an indication that you've got a shoveler on your hands... err, lake.
Cedar waxwings hawking from the pink beach down to the lakeside. One landed right in front of us on the ground. The over grown lilies are thick with insects that the waxwings are after. We also had an Eastern phoebe join the feast.
A spotted sandpiper scouting a half submerged log/rock on the peninsula.
Cicadas, I have a love/hate relationship. Love their buzzing, a sign of high summer, I think they are fairly handsome bugs (and they are true bugs), and I like finding their little larval casings on trees. I hate that they fly like a drunken college student showing off their newest party trick.
So I of course pet him, and he flew, and I ducked for cover with cat-like reflexes to avoid the thing flying into my face. 
After my birding pal and I split ways (I had to get back to work, and take a shower and change before that) I got distracted by a funny looking green heron. With its wings drooped, and looking like he himself was hung over, if a bird could be.
Then he turned and revealed why he may be sitting the way he is, with duckweed all the way up his legs and wet feathers on his wings, someone looks like they may have (accidentally) went for a dip and are now drying off.