Sunday, November 13, 2016

Pink-footed Pit-stop

     With a (mostly) 3-day weekend, Tim and I decided to visit my parents. Original plan was to visist a museum with them, but then my dad decided golf would be better. So, I golfed...and birded.
      Before arriving to my hometown, we made pit-stop in Valley Stream to see the pink-footed goose that continues to hang out behind the high school in Hendrickson Park. I love when my husband let's me do these things, and he helped me to look. I laughed after I told him he walked by it, way far past that it merited a phone call, as I didn't want to yell to him. This is after I explained what to look for, he's adorable when he helps me bird. Anyway, I found a goose napping in the morning sun, who didn't mind me observing him/her.
Anyway... enjoy-
oh hai! With pink legs and pink on its bill, it already has some noticeably different looks from a Canada goose. 
Also a uniform greyish-brown, smaller statue, and lack of the bold marks around the face and head make this guy look a lot different from the others.

These geese typically breed in Iceland and Greenland and migrate into Europe, wintering in the UK, Netherlands, and Denmark.

This bird also feels very stout, for its size.

Perhaps this is why my husband walked right by the pink-footed... there was a lot of goose to scan through.
A lot of goose. 

A nice pit-stop for a quick and easy life bird, the pink-footed goose!