Friday, December 30, 2016

Gone Fishing

     I snuck in some time at Green-Wood before 2016 is up. Saw nothing out of the ordinary but was able to have a nice long look at a belted kingfisher. These birds don't let you ever get close, and I find I tend to spook them out before I even notice them.
     I took the car into the cemetery and just rolled down the window, stuck out the camera and shared a few minutes with this female Belted Kingfisher. We know this is a female because of that red marking that goes from her sides across her chest. Males lack this completely.

 I like this chance to look at the kingfisher head-on, because it looks very kookaburra-esque- and for good reason, kookaburras are in the kingfisher family!

And then there was this guy/gal, a great blue heron-- with a face that embodies the feelings that most folks share over 2016... I personally love their faces, unfortunately he might appear angry to us, but this is after I watched him catch two fat goldfish and just toss them back like no big deal. I can't imagine he is all that angry with a stocked pond all to himself.