Friday, January 6, 2017

January on the Beach

     I do love the beach, and while I despise the winter, I admittedly love winter on the beach. I especially love a snowy beach, if the sand wasn't pretty enough, snow covered sand is even more so. Undisturbed snow covered sand, now that's an absolute bonus. So I left for work earlier than needed to go for a walk on the freshly fallen snow- and admittedly, my first chance to bird in the new year.

One stray laughing gull.
A juvenile gull in winter plumage, looking worse for wear.

Gulls the main beach goers among iconic Coney Island.
A ring-billed gull shows us how winter survival is done.
A warm beak and a menacing stare.
Snow brightens up the scenery on a grey morning, as well as this young herring gull.

Even in the coldest weather you can be rewarded with quiet, beautiful scenery, and some wonderful wildlife!