Thursday, June 29, 2017

Everything's Just Ducky!

     I walked through Prospect Park from the zoo back to home, hoping to finally see the least bittern (spoiler alert, I didn't see it). But I saw all this other stuff!
     While most of it was the regular crowd, as I almost walked out of the corner of the park that leads me home, I spotted a gathering of waterfowl, and I made a B-line for it.
     For the next week I will be devoid of computer and cell phone as I will be on an island with birds-- so this is going to be kept short and sweet for now as I have stuff to do before I wake up tomorrow. Enjoy!
Honey Bee on a cone flower.

Another wood duck family by the boat house, this mama has three!

Family Snuggle!!!

Blue Dasher on the Lullwater

Someone has their summer vacation planned, destination, Brooklyn, NY.

American Coots are common in winter. But in summer, they don't usually stick around.

While observing the coot I heard this raspy squeak of a call, and another Mama Wood duck, the same I saw last week came by-- still with 7 chicks in tow!

They are getting so big!

The coot is not looking like he wants to share.

Another summer vacationer, a ring-neck duck. Again, they hang here in the winter, but summer? Not so much.

Perhaps this duck and the coot are looking to have a wild and crazy summer in Brooklyn.

Just when I thought this little corner of the lake couldn't get better... a parade of behbeh wood ducks marched toward me!

This was when I figured can't get better than this moment, so leave on a good note because I have stuff to do tonight!
I look forward to sharing the adventure my friend and coworker Molly and I will be partaking in for the next week! Be back in a week or so!