Monday, July 9, 2018

My New Birding Patches

     I got to do some birding this past weekend and spent some time, between house-hold chores and work exploring my new local patches. I went to Floyd Bennett Field and Plumb Beach, both pretty close- Plumb just about a 10 minute bike ride.
     I am also excited for future endeavors as I now have my kayak living in our garage and look forward to getting a very different look at some of the spaces I have only explored by foot on solid terrain.
I visited Floyd Bennett Field on Saturday and checked out Archery Road. The beach didn't have a whole lot going on with the exception of a few killdeer and oystercatcher. Terns, gulls, and cormorants frequented the air above the water. It was back near the old building that I saw Baltimore Oriole, yellow warbler, waxwings, and a family of redwing blackbirds.

This oriole scored a beetle.

This bird looks a bit rough-- maybe molting?

One of two of the young redwing blackbirds.

The second young redwing. They made such a commotion, and I think I was the cause of it, so I moved along as all the neighborhood birds came out to see what was going on.

At the boat launch in Floyd I enjoyed watching a single black skimmer working the shoreline. I love watching them do their skimming- always in awe and wondering how they don't hit a rock, or shell, or the sand and not get hurt. They skim pretty darn close to the shoreline and I'm always wondering how they are so precise.

From head on, that bill is like a knife...

...and it slices through the waves.
I was pretty happy to end on this- I love observing bird behavior, and the skimming always knocks my socks off, it so impressive.

A Forster's Tern scanning the waters from above, looking for a potential meal. 
And now, Great Egrets flying.

A pair was working a mudflat, then an off leash dog came and they made off to another flat that was appearing as the tide receded. 

I was REALLY happy to see three of these-- clapper rails! They are a huge favorite of mine and they were busy calling and chasing off rivals.
I adore these swamp chickens- I always forget how small they are, because their voices are so big!

Leaving on a snowy egret note as I headed off to work after frolicking through the salt marsh and flats.

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