Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Arbor Day!

     It was totally coincidental that I had both Earth Day AND Arbor Day off from work. I am not in anyway complaining, either! Today was no different from Earth Day on Monday; it was perfect weather outside, the sun was shining, the trees are starting to show green tender leaves, and over at Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the cherry trees were blossoming! Since this weekend is their annual festival, I decided to skip the crowds and see the cherry blossoms for myself in a less crowded garden, the day before. I used to work across the street at the zoo and the line to get into the garden on the cherry blossom weekend, at the gate furthest from the cherry trees, would have a line down Flatbush Avenue!
     The gardens were beautiful and all the birds in the area were singing, despite having a fairly decent crowd of school children and visiting groups around. Now, I am not going to do a whole lot of talking because I think these pictures speak for themselves... WARNING: There are A LOT of pictures! (Is that a bad thing??) And this is the narrowed down bunch! Also, be advised, not everything here is "natural" as it is a botanic garden, but keep a look out for the things I found hiding within!

Grab a cup of coffee or whatever beverage you like to relax with and enjoy:
Overlooking the herb garden at Brooklyn Botanical Garden
Dandelions are more than just a weed to me, they were a favorite snack of my beloved iguana, "Spike." I always have a special love for these plants. And who didn't enjoy blowing that puffball of dandelion seed into your friend's/sibling's face?!

A flock of cormorants flew overhead while investigating the herb garden.
The cherry blossoms are in full bloom!

They looked so pretty against the perfect blue sky we had! The blossoms reminded me of clouds.
There were many varieties, some were crossbred to produce unique trees.

I stuck my nose in a few, the flowers were so soft!
Then I saw a red tail hawk carrying a twig, being chased by a smaller bird.
And then it disappeared into this cloud of cherry blossoms!

There were LOTS of red eared sliders in the Japanese Garden.
A new one for me! The best shot I could get of a male yellow warbler!
Large Koi (carp/goldfish family) fight for bread crumbs a man was tossing into the water.
Another first for me, a black-throated green warbler! Looks like he has a fly wing hanging out of his mouth!

I had to toss in this female ruby-crowned kinglet who took my attention away from that warbler, she looks so angry!
He just looks so handsome among the Japanese maple branches.

And then if two new birds weren't enough, let's toss in a third! A black and white warbler! I thought he was a downy woodpecker at first because he creeps along the branches and tree trunks like one!

Where I found all my warblers, the Japanese Garden.
My favorites! Beds and beds and bars of many tulip varieties!

If you are interested in learning more about the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, learn more about them here and have a visit yourself!