Friday, April 12, 2013

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head...

     Those April showers moved in today, after having that lovely warm day on Tuesday, it's now rainy and a bit chilly - but thankfully nowhere near winter chilly. I left work early because I had a long two weeks and my exhaustion and earned time caught up with me. When I got outside though, I felt compelled to take the long way to the subway. No one was really out for once and I do like a nice walk with no one around. The flowers are starting to bloom in Central Park and the raindrops on their delicate petals just looked so pretty. So I used my iPhone to take some okay photos. I hope you enjoy the plants and rain as much as I did!
Disclaimer: I am not a botanist. I thought this tree was a dogwood - then I read the sign, it's a magnolia. 

Pretty sure this is another type of magnolia.... but don't quote me on it.
Spring flowers are my most favorite. I love daffodils, tulips, and and those bushy clustery ones that come up lavender or blue (see, not a plant person). I love spring flowers but hate that they go away after like 2 weeks and never come back till next spring.
April showers bring.... floods!
No idea what they are, but they are very pretty, especially with water droplets on them!
I like that I am seeing that spray of green on the trees!
These mallards think the big pond behind me is overrated, they have their own private pond.
I noticed that many of the trees were frothing and even had piles of froth at their bases. I learned that the froth is caused when it rains a significant amount/intensity, the water mixes with all sorts of things that have settled on the tree bark. This plays around and changes the make-up of the water and the way the water behaves, especially its surface tension and causes it to look like someone gave this tree a bubble bath, or that this tree was blowing raspberries. Find out more about this interesting phenomenon here.