Wednesday, October 15, 2014

BBG - 10.14.14

     Yesterday I ventured to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, it's been a while since I visited. I spent most of my time in the native flora section, which is as close to natural as you get in a botanic garden. Things aren't as manicured and "perfect" as they are in the rest of the garden. It is also where I had the most variety of birds.
I loved these little house sparrows taking a bath in the kettle pond within the native flora area. This one was trying to stand on another.

White throated sparrows were the most abundant, found them in just about every area I visited, especially where there was leaf litter or mulch to dig in.
Another white throated sparrow.
A robin fed on pokeweed berries. This common weed feeds a lot of migrating birds in the fall! 
A few chipping sparrows were spotted just outside the native flora garden.
Monarchs are still migrating and getting in those final nectar sips!