Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dead Horse Bay - 10/19/14

     My husband and I went for a walk along Dead Horse Bay. As always it was fun exploring the bottles and other things that have since spilled from the once landfill. We had just watched the other evening "How We Got to Now" on PBS about cleanliness, and how the modern sewer system, and the need for cleanliness came about and helped seed new ideas. One segment of the show was how household bleach became popular, and they showed old advertisements and the old amber bottles they came in, and at the time I was telling my husband about how many Clorox glass bottles you can find at Dead Horse Bay. It seemed pretty silly that something used for making our lives cleaner now lies, with many other old glass bottles, along this shoreline for who knows how far into the future, as unclean litter and trash.
     The morning was windy and brisk, clouds cleared a bit for some sun and the beach was also full of many migrant brant geese that will call this place home for the next few months.
Brant geese on the move, there were at lest 100, probably more along the beach today.
Got a glimpse of an adult Northern harrier surveying the grasses and reeds for a meal.

There were many yellow-rumped warblers out today as well. This one perched on one of the many trees decorated with landfill finds. The yellow on its sides kind of help this bird look like it's part of the decor.
a herring gull with lunch.
The brant seemed nervous, and any time someone would walk up the beach they'd take off to move further along the beach.