Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pretty Little Things

     I tend to like big birds, like raptors and egrets, but sometimes there is satisfaction in the little things, both avian and non-avian. Looking at little things takes a lot of patience because you are many times larger and therefore that much more scary. So in observing little creatures, the challenge is not spooking them off.
     This weekend involved a surprise sight at my in-laws' and lots of beautiful dragonflies at the water features in Green-wood Cemetery, allowing me to add a few more bird, invert, and herps to my list.
     Enjoy the sights!
While sitting on the patio, my inlays pointed out this gorgeous little ruby-throated hummingbird, feeding on the flowers in their garden. Little dude perched for a few quick pictures, and then he visited a few other flowers in the garden before skiddaddling. 
In Green-Wood Cemetery: " I shall call him, mini me!"
A female and a fledgling indigo bunting! How cute are they?! They were in the same exact spot where I spotted a gorgeous male indigo bunting last year. And they live just a 5 minute walk from my home!
There were in that same area a lot of fledged mourning doves following their parents around.
Just so happened to have noticed that this and another Canada Goose were strolling casually past the grave for the Bird family!
Another indigo bunting going through a molt- you can see those sneaky blue feathers!
 A great egret perched up on a tree near the Crescent Water .here is usually a little module in the center of the water that the egrets perch on, but it has been removed. A tree was the next best perch, I suppose.
A little bullfrog in the Dell Water. If you walk along the Dell Water, all you hear are little squeaks, as these frogs jump at any glimpse of a shadow. 

Was able to see one of the common snapping turtles, also in the Dell Water. The water level was much dropped since my last visit,  there were exposed rocks and sediment the frogs could get out onto, and the turtles as well, if they wanted. Still, the water is blooming with algae and filled with a lot of unfortunate trash.
I saw no woodchucks, but I saw evidence of them!

I was able to identify this dragonfly as a calico pennant.
How gorgeous are you?! I love dragonflies, they are such amazing little creatures. 
Fairly sure this is a female twelve-spotted skimmer. A lot of the dragonflies were actively depositing their eggs into both the Crescent and Dell Waters.
This is the male twelve-spotted skimmer, what a stunner!