Sunday, August 9, 2015

Saltmarsh Reprise

     On Thursday August 6th, I had the pleasure of helping out at work with a group of teachers participating in a professional development workshop. I was pretty stoked to lead a bird walk at the salt marsh and look for birds and be working! What a treat, and it definitely was a treat for all who participated...
The teachers were working on their various projects studying different ecological aspects, things like salinity of the water here as compared to that near Coney Island, water temperatures, and species within the habitat, to name a few. Equipped with dip and seine nets as well as various instruments to test dissolved oxygen to other water qualities, the teachers worked along the shorelines to gather data and also enjoy all that surrounded us. One group, a little south of the others, we got a lovely look at a foraging yellow-crowned night heron.
We walked the East side of the park, down to the osprey nest. We saw in this area the osprey, egrets (both snowy and great), various peeps, killdeer, and then someone asked, "what's that one??"
We had the chance to see the clapper rail chicks, now more grown from the last time I saw them. And in the most professional manner, I squee'd with excitement, and I hope the teachers to felt the excitement over seeing this little family!
I only saw 2, but there may have been as many as 3 viewed. We also got to see one of the adults, leading the two youngsters into the grasses. What a privilege for such a large group to see these wonderful little birds!