Sunday, November 8, 2015

Foggy Morning Over Coney Island Creek

     On Friday, 11.6.15, I left early for work to go to Calvert Vaux park for a morning stroll. While the fog and clouds near my home had since cleared, a heavy fog still lingered over Coney Island Creek and the park. It left me with little wildlife to see, but gave some amazing views. Both eerie and beautiful, all at once.

Asters still out and about into November, looking a bit like a wet dog on this morning, but the purple and green add to the autumn palette. The weather has been unseasonably warm, on Friday temperatures made it into the low 70's!
Looking out onto the fog cloaked marsh and Coney Island Creek. Very very quiet except for one call I heard, behind me... 
A kestrel perched atop a light, probably voicing his frustration over the fog, cloaking any potential prey. Or just communicating to its counter-part. A pair of kestrels were patrolling the area, possibly the reason why it was so quiet, as far as little flighted things go.
A wet, foggy trail above the mudflats and marsh.
A black-eyed-susan STILL in bloom, with a hover fly.... not a typical November sight.
A spider web caught more rain than anything else.
The fog begins to lift over Coney Island Creek, revealing fisherman on the beaches and piers of Kaiser Park and Mark Twain Middle School.
One of the two kestrels patrolling one of the areas where sparrows are usually prevalent. 
A delicate and beautiful mushroom growing from the wood chips off of the trail.