Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Winter Is Coming...

     Winter is well on its way, but in November, with small butterflies fluttering around, dragon flies zipping through the air, and dodging clouds of gnats, it sure doesn't feel like it! Especially today, we reached a high of 70 and I should have opted for shorts this afternoon, as jeans and a t-shirt was more than enough clothes.
     The autumn colors are more enjoyable in the warmth of the sun, but weird temperatures and weather always have me weary- thinking about the big picture and what these weird patterns mean in terms of climate change and how it affects the wildlife who have to survive in these weird patterns.
     Nothing too crazy to report from today's outing to Bush Terminal Park, in Sunset Park and Green-Wood Cemetery, also in Sunset Park. Enjoy:
A group of buffleheads, two males and two females diving and traveling together just offshore from the park. Buffleheads along with many other "now appearing" waterfowl are sure signs of winter, as they fly South to us, from up North.
A poor photo as this bird was more into the harbor than in the waters of the Park, a long-tailed duck, or oldsquaw (which I think is a far better name!) was diving and active- giving me glimpse of its long tail. Normally these guys are a bit further off shore and also birds I truly associate with the bitter cold.
Green-Wood was fairly quiet, but I did run in to this very charismatic blue-headed vireo with a snack in its claws.
Looks like a seed from a pinecone?

Super cute little dude!