Saturday, May 21, 2016

Birds This Week

     I have been so busy, in both my work and personal life. An escape outdoors always helps me rebalance and get myself back together to tackle anything that comes my way, so here are the sights I found along the way.
An exquisite Canada Warbler in Green-Wood Cemetery.
A black crowned night heron, pretending to hide.
What 90% of my photos of warblers look like. 
A Magnolia warbler, down low to wow us and save our necks.
Egrets and herons in flight are my favorite, I never tire of these shots or those wings.
A mocker strikes a pose.
A spotted sandpiper that actually walked my way and took a few glances at me before flying off.
A green heron patrols the Dell water.
At Kaiser Park on Coney Island Creek a single laughing gull is captured in the series that follows...

He appears so satisfied after a good yawn & feather fluff.
Meanwhile, in Prospect Park, fledgling season has begun....
A young European starling trails one of its parents crying for food.
Probably eating for 3 or 4...
A female Baltimore Oriole works her craft of weaving together a hanging nest.

There also seem to be a lot of "dumb" young chipmunks, dumb in that they have not yet learned that they are little and big things will try to eat them. They are approaching closely and practically running underfoot along the trails. This one ate out in the open, a mere few feet from 3 adult humans.
A green heron catches a nice yummy prize.

A modestly plumaged female red-winged blackbird.