Monday, May 30, 2016

Sights from the Salt Marsh

     Yesterday I was hoping the Black Bellied Whistling Ducks spent the night in Marine Park, they didn't. But I still saw in my hour out some pretty cute moments, sightings of the elusive, and brunching birds (because they are in Brooklyn, and on the weekend, it's brunch).
     Still pretty happy with what I got to see, enjoy!
A yellow-crowned night heron on the hunt in low tide.
Went to get something, but came up empty handed, err, beaked.
The hunt must go on. Lots of crabs and small, yummy inverts are out for this guy to nab and nosh on.
A tree filled with song sparrows. This one would make himself present, but I think he has a nest nearby or in the tree as I heard more than just him calling from this little tree.
The elusive... clapper rails are easier to spot with the grasses still low, but prove to still be a challenge as they blend in so well. You can hear them calling from within the grass, but if you are lucky, you might catch a quick glimpse as they walk low through the grasses.
Bird brunch with the osprey family. Dad brings home a fluke, it is definitely a flat fish of some sort.
It is easy to tell dad from mom, he is dwarfed by her. Female raptors are noticeably larger than the males.
Just when you thought that watching this platform couldn't get any better, up pops a little head! Someone is hungry and dad better hurry up with the grub!
The whole family, and with literal hawk eyes, that baby is watching that fish and waiting patiently for a taste!

A redwing black birds foraging on the path neat the osprey nest. I find I always see great stuff when observing the osprey, maybe it is because little birds fly in an feel safe-- knowing they osprey will probably not go after them and that the osprey will chase off other raptors, or maybe because I end up standing there for so long, I get to see all the birds utilizing the area and then some. Like today, I also witness a family of voles dart from one patch of grasses to another, practically under my feet, just a foot or so off the path I was on.
Able to get a shot of a clapper rail who paused, out in the open for a few shots before remembering he was about to dart under some grasses! I really like these guys a lot. I tend to be a fan of bigger birds in general, not that this guy is huge at all-- he isn't much larger than a fat chicken.
This moment made up for not seeing the whistling ducks- a super great look at this little swamp denizen!