Tuesday, April 22, 2014


     I have a strange affinity for former President, Theodore Roosevelt. I love that he was a conservationist, and he had that cowboy-outdoor persona. Part of the reason I might love him is also because I was employed for a time at the Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary and Audubon Center - Audubon's first sanctuary (established in 1923), the land of which was donated to the Audubon Society by Teddy's family. Next door to the sanctuary is where TR is buried, in Young's Memorial Cemetery- and I visited him often. Teddy made his home in  Oyster Bay, NY at Sagamore Hill, where my husband and I took a walk yesterday.
My husband asks- "How do you know it's a snowy egret?" 
"Because they have all those feathers." My answer also included ridiculous hand motions, that were supposed to represent those fluffy plumes. Also snowy egrets are smaller than great egrets- they also have yellow feet- like they are wearing spats.
Life goes on- a horseshoe crab perished, but becomes an important food source for the periwinkle snail.
A flock of scaups.
A Mockingbird advertises its territory.

Osprey nesting off the side of the road on our way out. Osprey use different material in their nests including trash- so the bag in the picture was brought there by them, but that doesn't make the situation right.