Sunday, April 6, 2014


The Cannonballs of Cannonball Park.
     Today, my husband and I explored a new set of parks here in Brooklyn, we began at John Paul Jones Park, better known to locals as Cannonball Park, and walked along Shore Road Park. Fun fact: Cannonball Park is where my parents had their wedding photos taken!
     On our walk we had the chance to see some good waterfowl sightings while enjoying the abundant sunshine. This park also gives you a great chance to view and walk under the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. It's a lovely place for a stroll and even a bike ride, I think we will be going back especially as the weather gets warmer!
A pigeon sits a top the Dover Patrol World War Memorial- a gift from England after WWI, in Cannonball Park. 

An Eastern Phoebe flew just ahead of us as we walked along the park, just bordering the Belt Parkway. 
A red breasted merganser gives a yawn as he wakes up from his nap on the harbor. 
... soon after, he returned to his nap. 
I have been over this bridge so many times, but never under! The Verrazano from the bottom, bottom level.

A common loon sighting just East, past the bridge.
Mind you, we are walking next to the Belt and still spotting Mergansers, brant geese, loon, and scaup.
Greater Scaup- nice and close, but I had the wrong lens on- Greater scaup males have a green glossy head, lesser scaup have a purple gloss.