Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day 2014

     I end my spring break vacation with some quality outdoor time. If you can, please go for a walk soon, the birds are signing their hearts out as they claim territory and attract mates. The trees are just starting to show green buds and flowers, soon they will be filled with broad, shade giving, oxygen producing leaves. Migratory birds are showing up more and more, the turtles are basking and swimming, butterflies are out, and I even saw my first dragonfly of 2014 today! How can you not celebrate this planet?!
     Earth day is cerebrated every day, by yours truly, and I hope everyone else who does not can start to as well! It is never too late to celebrate the place that houses all this fantastic life!
     My walk today was in Prospect Park, I basically walked along the Lullwater, over the bridge and circled back to the boat house just as it began to drizzle.
Time to get nesting!
Bottoms up! A mallard dips for some food.
The Green Herons are patrolling the area that they will soon nest in.
A European starling sings loudly- birds have the ability to sing two different pitches at once, due to their syrinx- essentially a double voice box.

A palm warbler struts along an old tree limb.
Red-wing blackbird, mid-song. 
I love those red shoulder pads. 
A sleepy racoon
The lullwater in spring. 
Lovely blooms.
A mantis ootheca - basically a case of eggs. These were laid last autumn and were not preyed upon- so a new batch of young mantises should be arriving soon!
My new bike mechanic.