Saturday, May 10, 2014

2 for 2! Another BK Kite!

     On April 14th, I spotted a swallow-tailed kite in Prospect Park Brooklyn. Today on my walk in Green-Wood Cemetery I spotted what I thought was just a regular red tail hawk. On closer inspection as I edited my photos, I saw this was not a red tail but another raptor. With help from some people in the Brooklyn Bird Club, the bird was ID'd as a juvenile Mississppi Kite! Another bird that normally does not venture this far North, some occasional sighting in Southern New Jersey occur.
     The bird was VERY high up, just soaring, I saw very few wing flaps. The heavily barred and long tail paired with the long narrow wings was where I got stumped in IDing this bird. I thank all those from Brooklyn Bird Club who helped me in IDing this bird. This is why I love birding, on my actually walks I always run into people and we talk. And now in some of the online communities that chance to network and find assistance in birding allows for even more chances to meet and talk to some talented people. This is science! Questioning, finding answers, communicating finds with others - I LOVE IT!
     I feel the need to go to another Brooklyn Park and catch another kite sighting....

The above 2 photos are the original - taken over the Dell Water in Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn NY. Sometime between 11:00am and 12:00pm.
Blurry when zoomed in- but that tail really threw me off, along with the wing shape...
A heavily cropped version of the second photo. This Mississippi Kite is a juvenile- the giveaway for this bird, is having those long narrow wings, in which the first primary feather is shorter than all others. 
Serious thanks to the folks communicating on the Brooklyn Bird Club's Facebook page!

Get out there, folks! Make some awesome discoveries of your own and have a fantastic time doing it! :)