Friday, May 30, 2014

Portraits of the Locals

     My husband has been working a lot lately and causes me to have a lot of solo time. On my own I cannot watch TV, movies, or do much that involves sitting. I only do those things when my husband is around, and heck even then, I have a rough time either sitting still or I just pass out cold.
     In my down time today, even though I spent my entire day on my feet in the classroom, I got back on my feet and my bike and took a walk through Prospect Park. The sun hung low in the sky and I'm sure my father would think I'm insane for walking alone in the park, in the evening, by myself. But the times have changed, families were still out, people filled the fields, trails, and the local wildlife was active too, getting in their last meal in last few hours of daylight.
     Unlike the migrants, the locals are fairly used to people to the point they will almost step on your toes. Most of my focus was on them, because I had my bike in tow, which is clunky, noisy, and lacks a kickstand. Unlike the flirty, nervous migrant birds, the local birds seem more used to noise, human activity, and bikes.

A herring gull flies overhead
A handsome robin
A mallard hen lays low with her mate near the edge of the lake.
This one robin got so close at one point, that the camera could not focus on him, because he was practically at my feet!
An old orb web.
I was hoping to see chicks, but I won't complain over the wood duck pair on the upper pond.
A little girl was allowed to chase bird by her parents (grumble), this red winged blackbird showed his displeasure much more than I did.

The multiple branching limbs on this tree growing in the ravine, kind of looked awesome in the evening sunlight.
A black crowned night heron and I make eye contact through the fallen branches.
My trusty bike, a serious emphasis on the trusty part. I love this bike more than most things I own. It could use a kickstand, but we do alright without.
The bull frogs were loud and calling, I met this fella on the peninsula.
Hiding in the abundant duckweed and algae.
When you get the chance, mourning doves are hidden beauties. I love the powder blue around their eyes, and their feathers have a slight irridesence if you catch them just right.
It's how I end my day too, gotta clean off the grit and grime from the day to wake up fresh tomorrow. This starling is doing it right.