Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day

     While most were barbecuing or at the beach, I spent the latter part of my day walking with my husband at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Preserve. It makes me feel so lucky to have had so many people who have sacrificed their time, their family, and their lives to give us what we all have. The freedom to go for a walk and enjoy what this gorgeous country has to offer. I know I could never do the things that our veterans have done, I don't have that same courage and strength, so this post is dedicated to those who allow us to have the beauty that surrounds us all. Thanks to all those who are serving, have served, and sacrificed themselves for the good of us all.
     Today involved three lifers- AKA birds I have seen for the very first time ever that get a little "x" and listing of the state I saw them in in my trusty field guide that I have had since the 6th grade, bought for me by mother, so I could paint piping plovers in Art Club at Woodland Middle School. And of course I spelt it "Pipping Plovers," on my painting, a typical Plummer spelling-fail move.
A glossy ibis flies over the East Pond- they are here for the summer and a fairly common sight around Jamaica Bay.
At first it appears mulberry-brown, but get a glossy in the right lighting and its name shines through.
A mother Canada goose sits guard over her sleepy and preening goslings. 
I think these are semipalmated sandpipers - the dark legs set it apart from the least sandpiper- another lifer for me :)
The black bellied birds are dunlins- again, a lifer for me.
Alost all nest boxes were occupied by tree swallows- this couple was especially feisty, making for fun flight photos. I love the iridescent blue on their backs.

And another lifer- a brown thrasher - if it looks like a brown mockingbird, its because it is in the same family/ Like th mockingbird, it also has a repertoire of songs that includes the call of other bird species.
This yellow warbler allowed me to snap one photo. So here he is in all his beauty.