Monday, July 14, 2014

Caterpillar Encounters

     I was inside working on a drawing for a friend when I heard some little girls outside yell out "AWW!" "Mom, can I have the camera?!" "COOL!!" Two little girls were in front of my apartment looking at the curbside patch of grass. I couldn't imagine what could be so cool because it is where trash goes on Monday and Wednesday and also seems to be the place where dogs do their business and owners refuse the clean up, so really, what could be so great? It had to be small, because I couldn't see from my second floor window. I watched as a little girl ran down the block to mom who was trying to rush these two curious ladies along. The other young lady sat there with her hands out, pleading with whatever it was to stay. It didn't seem like this critter was staying or listening, or understood english. These kids held their ground till they got that camera and snapped their photo of whatever was so cool in the grass, between a London planetree and the light post- I condone their curiosity for whatever it was that was photo-worthy.
     Naturally, I too had to take a look. And these kids were spot on, it was cute and cool, and worth taking out my iPhone for. I did run in for my camera, but this sucker was quick and on a mission... away from me and the ground. So, iPhone photos will have to do for this little dude...
I introduce you to the sycamore tussock moth caterpillar. Normally found on sycamore and related species, this silly guy opted for the light post next to the London lane tree, probably what it would prefer to be on, since that is what it feeds on.
"Oh hey there!"
Good luck lil' guy! Apparently there are two broods of these moths... caterpillars in late spring early summer that go on to become moths and breed, then their brood, comes around in mid to late summer and over winter in their cocoon. 
     I used a nice little website to help ID this guy, I found it helpful and I hope you do too! Caterpillar Identification Guide - Discover Life:  Just check off any attributes that you can and results will come up on the side after you search. Found this guy, one of four results on the first try.