Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Families, Fledglings, and Flutterings

     After a 3 mile run yesterday (my first run in probably close to a year), my legs were pretty sore, so I opted for a walk today in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Just standing still would cause you to melt into a puddle of perspiration, the day is muggy and grey, just holding back on the rain. I figured it would be good to get out now or never, since I was seeing alerts for flash flood warnings later on. The day gave me a lot of freshly and not so freshly fledged birds, some lovely little families, and some nice insects; I was happy to see many butterflies and my first 3 honey bees- most bees I have seen are bumble bees, but I saw just a few honey bees among the bumbles today and that was a welcome sight.
a fledged green heron still boasts some downy fuzz...
Perfecting his fish snagging skills with the help of a stick on the lullwater.
A proud mallard mama and her clan. 
Group preening session. If mom moved, then the chicks moved, and usually did whatever mom was doing.
Ducklings never get old... 
The mute swan family swims down to the lullwater, through the forests of lilies.
A gorgeous black swallowtail basks in the few rays of sun that poked through the clouds.
 A freshly fledged robin is all leg... Love the little tail nub!
An adult green heron on the upper pool.
There were many pollinators around this plant, but this Eastern tiger swallowtail was a lovely sight.

Egret? Flying? I have to, every single time, I don't get tired ever of egrets in flight...

"Oh hey, Turtle! Is it cool if we share?" (the turtle quickly dove in, was clearly not willing to share)
Love this, the swans from earlier made it to the boathouse and were up on land. Then they were led into the water with such synchronicity.  
A honey bee lapping up the good stuff using that tongue-like proboscis. 
If you know me well, you know I RUN from bees, wasps, hornets- like its my job. I appreciate them, but I will have my space and they can have theirs..... I am using my 300mm lens, fully extended for these shots, because I am a big baby... and I don't want to tick off any bees.