Tuesday, July 29, 2014

100th post - Green-Wood Cemetery

     Today was so comfortable, almost cold, that even after a morning run, I still needed to be outside. My afternoon walk took me to Green-Wood Cemetery where I watched comical parrots, brazen mockingbirds, and fidgety frogs. Summer is a bit of a lull until migrations pick up again, but I was still happy with what I saw and satisfied that this is my backyard.
Greeted while locking up my bike by a flock of foraging quaker parrots. This one looks like it may have eaten a baby parrot, but it was just munching on pinecones, and whatever is growing on nearby trees.
Young frogs were ALL OVER and actually sitting on lily pads! I think these are bullfrogs.
Young eastern kingbirds.

Spotted a few yellow warblers. 
A scruffy looking mockingbird. 
A question mark-- really that is what it's called.
Things that lurk in my nightmares, paper wasps, but that nest looks like a watercolor painting.
Was really hoping this was a screech owl, darn you, squirrel!
Large bullfrog!
Quakers wishing me a farewell on my way out.