Friday, August 1, 2014

Bronx Zoo Birding

     Most people don't go to a zoo to look at wild wildlife, it is usually the chance to see wildlife from around the world that one may never get to see in person. Unless you trek to some remote parts of the world, you go to the zoo to have a chance to see these species. The beautiful thing about the Bronx Zoo is that it's located right along the Bronx River, which the zoo and other organizations are working to restore and care for. The river alone attracts wildlife, but the zoo's natural animal habitats also attract in many creatures as well. Many are in it for the easily accessible food, water sources, and the habitats, species differ from the open grassy habitats to those who are in the more aquatic ones. I feel that one would have a better showing earlier in the morning, instead of later in the day, but despite the midday heat and crowds, there was still enough to see, especially with the lovely exhibited animals in the collection. I suggest a visit, whether or not your looking for wild birds.
Grey catbirds were pretty abundant. 
Common grackles congregated near many of the pond habitats.
This black capped night heron was roosting on top of the lesser adjunct stork exhibit, just next to the sea bird aviary.