Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cape Cod - Terrestrial Trek

     On our last full day on the cape began at the beach and we were hoping to kayak in the afternoon. The afternoon brought some rain showers, we weren't sure what the weather was going to do, so we opted for a hike in Indian Lands Conservation Area. It was a pretty walk and had fun catching crabs down near the water, the fiddler crabs were super cute. It was a nice walk and fun to explore a new place with my husband.
A tiny fiddler crab.
A downy woodpecker in some early evening sun.
At the end of Indian Lands, we found dozens of double crested cormorants perched up on these power lines. I love cormorants, especially after having worked with one. They have wonderful personalities, and the most comical vocalizations. We were able to hear these birds from where were were, which made my day!
Web footed and perching like a sparrow. They are not the most graceful, but they make it work.
Argument over space on the line...
     I enjoyed our visit to Cape Cod, it was both of our first time there since were were young kids with our parents. I look forward to our next adventure, wherever and whenever that may be. Of course like every vacation, it was too short, but every moment was wonderful!