Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Prospect Park 8-26-14

     I started my day with a walk in the park. It has over all been a very mild summer, temperature-wise, but today and the next few days seem to be wanting to get away from that and turn up the heat. My walk was humid and sweaty, but still had some fun surprises, the on-coming heat did not stop the wildlife. I saw a new warbler species, the blue-winged warbler, ad also saw my first Eastern wood-pewee. The silly name comes from the call it makes, literally calling out, "PE-ee-weeEEE!" The highlight was being able to observe a green heron catching its breakfast, over and over again!

Mallard reflection on the Lullwater.
I found this on my last walk through prospect, there seems to be a collection of red-eared slider shells up in the rafters of the Lullwater bridge, perhaps its the dining area of a raccoon.
A juvenile green heron.
Very active and hunting. I always wondered how these guys eat when the water is COVERED in duckweed, not being able to see anything underwater...
Question answered, they look to the skies, literally. Do you see what this heron has his eyes on?
I love the leftover downy whips on his crown...
GOTCHA! a quick fling of the neck and even the quickest dragonfly can't make the escape... and dragonflies are fast. But this green heron seems to be faster.

Down the hatch!
Happy hunting, little buddy! 
I love how the morning glories come in so many colors. They are so beautiful!
Blue-winged warbler in a tulip tree sapling. I didn't get to see its face, but had enough field markings to go by...
This mallard just looks so fresh, like it was a duckling this past spring...
I love that flash of color all mallards have on their secondary feathers.