Sunday, October 23, 2016

Gusty Green-Wood Scenes

     I took an afternoon stroll through Green-Wood Cemetery, on a surprisingly not hung-over day. Last night we tried a new bar, close to home, Church Bar- really great cocktails, and the bartender was good to us, giving us two rounds of on-the-house shots (on top of what we ordered). I am amazed I am even without the least bit of grogginess! So, with a great feeling of life inside of me, I decided that I needed to get outside on this amazing autumn day.
     After checking Twitter for any leads on where to go, I decided to go to Green-Wood, as tweets of cool birds came in after I was deep into the middle of the cemetery. So letting the Eurasin Wigeon and Lincoln's sparrow go, I enjoyed whatever I could find out in the cemetery.
     With gusty winds, it was hard to see much. It was not super birdy, but I can't complain with a huge turn-around from yesterday's weather.
A little golden-crowned kinglet, just hangin' around...
A red-bellied woodpecker caches away some food for another day.
When the first spot didn't work out, try another-- looks like this one works.
Normally mockingbirds are abundant, but I only found this one today, who happened to not mind a few photos. With gusting winds, I found a lot of birds were either deep inside of leaved trees or just not present.
A red-eared slider basks along the edge one of the pools close to the main entrance.
I found a patch of blooming flowers, it was covered in butterflies, bees, and other insects. Who seemed to be clinging to escape the wind and feed, ravenously. Monarch Butterfly migration can go into November, so this gal needs to make a move.
Also on the flowers were at least two species of skippers, a smaller butterfly than the monarchs.

Fairly certain I have a chipping sparrow here...
clean grey, line through the eye, brown back with black streaks. It also does not feel right for a white throated.
And a great blue heron, who worked some poses for quite a few onlookers.... note the goldfish scale on it's bill... someone is eating the stocked exotic fish from the crescent water.