Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Owl's Head Park Pit-Stop

     My coworker and I decided that after work, we'd stop at Owl's Head Park in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I bike through the park most days on my way home, to get in a few extra miles on my rides. I have been seeing little birds as I quickly passed through the bike trail and reports of others, so we committed and went.
     Glad we did, enjoy the sights!
First birds we noticed were white breasted nuthatches, this one seems to be checking every crack and crevice, making sure no snack goes unnoticed.
How do you know you have a creeper and not a nuthatch? Creepers walk up, head first. Nuthatches usually walk head down, downward. When this little Brown creeper reached the apex point of this tree, he flew back down to the base, gave a phto op and continued to work his way back up. A little comedic fun to help you figure out the foraging patterns of your birds, from Bird & Moon.
We got lots of trunk creepers in one small area, this was a nice treat- a red-breasted nuthatch!

He even flew to the ground to grab a berry- what an odd little thing. You can get an idea of how not big he is, incomparison to an oak lead and some over grown grass.
In a sunny patch of the bike path the trees were buzzing! Ruby crowned, golden crowned kinglets, and yellow rumped warblers working the limbs, darting to grab flies. There were so many gnats and flies, on my bike ride in I inhaled and ate a few for sure.
A sneak attack by a ruby-crowned kinglet? Or maybe to make sure that the coast is clear- especially as we saw a coopers hawk patrolling the area.
The golden-crowned kinglet seems to have found that the constant look of disapproval is advantageous to survival....
That mug!
Also winning at life, this orb-weaver clearly hit the jackpot in terms of real estate!
     I will surely be stopping here more often, what a great little park witha decent variety of birds. I also swear I might have seen a Lincoln's Sparrow. I want to find him and confirm that, so there will be more pit stops to come...