Monday, October 3, 2016

Plumb Showstoppers 10.3.16

     Plumb was a nice little treat afterwork today featuring some great views-- and nope, not referring to yet another naked man, although, not going to lie- this one was younger and did not have a wrinkly bum. But aside from that, I was joined by my coworker and we had the chance to see some lovely birds.
     Pretty happy for a short walk on the beach as the sun set over Brooklyn, enjoy the (birdie) sights...
At low tide, the mudflats are exposed, this was the only black-bellied plover taking advantage of them.
A few American Oystercatchers foraged along the exposed flats of course letting the world know that they were there with their loud calls.
Something I was hoping to see, a single royal tern- similar in size to the laughing gulls- the giveaway was that beak and mullet looking streak on their head.
A few Forster's Terns came over to land on the beach. These guys are much smaller than the royal tern.
Even in the foreground, the Forster's are dwarfed by the numerous gulls.
Fishermen were casting nets and this time it spooked a bunch of the birds, including the royal tern. His eye looks cloudy as he is blinking his nictitating membrane- an inner eyelid.

Also came to find this guy- Salt Marsh Sparrow!

This one I am finding tricky, my inclination is to go Nelson's as it has more yellow on the chest and less prominant streaks (thanks to the folks who helped confirm my inclination). Oh yeah, and lifer! :)
And after all that, my favorite part of the walk, 2 immature Yellow Crowned night herons who were foraging on the trail we were walking. And flew off every time-- but only to land 10 feet further up the trail.
Catching fiddler crabs.
These guys were just so charming, I really enjoyed watching them- there was much giggling from my coworker and myself who followed behind.
Turn a corner and then there were two! Ultimately we ran into 3 Juvenile YC Night herons.
They have such great eyes, how could you not fall in love with these leggy little waders!?