Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Green-Wood Cemetery in Bloom

     My schedule at work today allowed me to come in late, so I took advantage of an early morning birding adventure in Green-Wood Cemetery. I visited my "magic tree," the Dell & Crescent waters, and Sylvan water.
     It feels like very quickly, trees have begun to bud and bloom. This action attracts in insects and insects attract BIRDS! Speaking of insects, I saw my first dragonfly today in the cemetery and a few butterflies too. Needless to say, things are starting to become colorful, vivid, and alive- which puts a big smile on my face because I live for warm weather.
     Enjoy the sights- but seriously, go outside and see them yourself too!
A Northern Mockingbird forages under the "magic tree," where many other birds foraged above. In this area I was able to find a quick, little winter wren. Other birds in this area were titmouse, chipping sparrow, juncos, and white breasted nuthatch.

People flock to the Botanic Garden for Cherry Blossoms (I mean, do not get me wrong, they have an AMAZING collection of trees), but Green-Wood has quite a few cherries and they are ripe in bloom! Some cherries are already "snowing," shedding their petals to the ground.

My favorite thing about those doe-eyed mourning doves-- they can look quite modest in one look, but change the light...

And you notice the subtle iridescence on their necks, the blue hues around their head. They are so beautiful!

A swamp sparrow foraging at the Crescent Water.

A yellow-rumped warbler hawking from this perch above the crescent water.

The Cemetery is over run (in a good way) with palm warblers, especially at the sylvan water! There were so many foraging over the ground along side the hills on either side of the water.

This little red-breasted nuthatch landed right in front of my on a beautiful little river birch tree. He sat working the bark, pulling pieces of it off and manipulating materials in its beak. I couldn't tell if he was perhaps stashing some food for a later time-- he just wasn't shy about it.

I was hoping to grab a shot of a bird in a cherry. And what's more perfect that a gorgeous palm warbler among those perfect blooms??

Okay, this is better- I love the details of its wing, yellow feathers among soft pink flowers. I LOVE IT!

Found this male house finch singing his love song. It looked to me like he had a nest site in some of the dense shrubs and some females checking it out. You go, buddy!