Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sing for Spring!

     I have already noticed the chorus out my window every morning; even if its mostly European starlings and house sparrows, there is the odd robin, mockingbird, and chickadee in there singing with mourning doves hitting their baritone notes - it all makes for a lovely dawn chorus none-the-less! It beats the silence and cold of winter, for sure.
     On Sunday, after finding the Brooklyn Golf center is closed (want to lease a driving range?) my husband and I walked in Marine Park to enjoy the warmth that we have been waiting forever for. On Monday after work I walked Calvert-Vaux (Drier Offerman) Park so here are some of the highlights-- err, acceptable pictures...
Osprey at Marine Park.
So many song sparrows everywhere (this one, Marine Park) singing loudly as other nearby birds respond with more song.
Probably one of my favorite types of sparrows, seen at Vaux- a field sparrow, they just have the cutest look to them!
This guy was busy foraging with chipping sparrows on the baseball fields.


A chipping sparrow stuffs its face... you can see this bird is pretty different from the field sparrow above.

These guys are a welcome sign of spring!

A European Starling looks vivid as it grabs a drink from a muddy puddle.

Found lots of Red-throated loons in Coney Island Creek.

One of a pair of killdeer, making quite a bit of noise, they were audible from quite far away.