Saturday, April 8, 2017

Signs of Spring in Prospect Park

     Having some good storms blow through with wind and rain, with a sunny day today, its rewards are popping up in the form of birds. I got out into Prospect to enjoy the hordes of phoebes, newly arrived hermit thrushes, bushels and bushels of kinglets, and a nice warbler.
     While it's still chilly, there seem to be enough insects out to keep the birds happy and foraging. Enjoy the sights...
Phoebes hunting insects in the morning light. Flying from a perch to snag them, then return to their perch and repeat.

Robins were most common, foraging in the soil for insects and worms.

Phoebes, were clearly, equally abundant.

A red-tail hawk flew low, chasing after something. Landed at about eye level off of the Lullwater. 

The same red-tail hawk confronted by its prey...

Prize for the day, a yellow-throated warbler spotted by Marc who shared its location via a tweet. I love using twitter for birding.

Normally high up in trees, this one was foraging in the ivy- which saved our necks and gave us close, good looks at this bird.

Normally a warbler of the South East, this guy over shot his target. Maybe the wind the last few days threw him off path.

Sadly, the best shot I got. He proved to actually come too close and I couldn't focus my long lens on him for many photo opportunities.

A brown creeper, creeping up a limb.

This will be what most of my pictures look like, come next month. Pine warbler.

Pine warbler.

A handsome brown-headed cowbird.