Sunday, December 1, 2013

Terrace Birdwatching

 Lately to pass time I sit on my (very very tiny) terrace and watch the birds coming into the yard. Being that I am within close proximity to Greenwood Cemetery, the birding isn't the worst in the world, every so often there is something interesting out there.
     Also included is my pet bird Gizmo. Most of my bird watching now is mostly of this guy. He is awesome.
     This post is for you dad, so you can stop bugging me now ;-)  (I say such things with lots of love!)

Gizmo, my Senegal Parrot has been such good company for me and like any pet has been so good to me and keeping me happy. He is a rescue from a local shelter and has been with us just a little less than a year and in that time has accomplished so much. I am so proud of him and love him with much of my heart (it can't be all because there are 6 other pets and a husband I share and love with my heart). 
A male cardinal in the yard, causing a ruckus. 
I often hear mocking birds out in the yard, especially in the night as they continue to sing in the dark. 
A male house sparrow. 

The 2 pigeons in focus are females. They were just hanging out on their window sill.... 
The male pigeon on the far end was strutting his stuff, vocalizing, and really putting on a show for the ladies who do not seem very impressed..