Sunday, December 1, 2013

Autumn Parrots

I went for a walk in my neighborhood and happened to have my camera on me. Found some quaker parrots on Fort Hamilton Parkway and E 3rd Street in Brooklyn. They were absolutely beautiful among the fall leaves. I miss that green of summer, so they were a pleasant sight, and glad I had my camera because they were in a small tree and in close range.
I had been hearing them all day outside our apartment so running into them was a nice treat.

Some members of the flock. They were feeding on these fleshy berries of this tree. The cars underneath clanged as they dropped half eaten fruit all over them.

Native to Argentina and from a temperate climate, these parrots stay here all winter and do well. The only threat they pose is to the electric company as they sometimes nest on power lines and can cause power outages.


How lovely is this guy in the last of the autumn leaves?!