Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas in North Carolina

     My husband and I traveled to North Carolina for a much needed visit with family this holiday break. Our trip began with temperatures in the 80's and by time we left we had to scrape ice off the car. Bizarre weather, for sure!
     I took a stroll around a pond on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day my husband and I both hiked around at Carl Alwin Schenck Memorial ForestWe both felt that the forest, while beautiful was not very diverse in bird life, until we got out of the forest and reached some ponds and fields, where we came across lots of Eastern blue birds, goldfinch, nuthatch, chickadee, and golden crowned kinglets.
     Enjoy what we were able to capture:
Spotted this pileated woodpecker from across the pond. I absolutely love seeing these guys and am super jealous that my family gets to see them on a regular basis!
Song Sparrow
Fairly sure this is a chipping sparrow.
All fluffy and warm after the temps went from the 70's yesterday to the 40's on this day.

After trying to figure out where the drumming was coming from, I noticed pieces of bark falling from above. Looked straight up and saw this hairy woodpecker.
It's the only shot I got of a blue bird, but they are so pretty still, even in a cruddy photo.
Many palm warblers foraged along the edges of the fields.