Sunday, December 1, 2013

More Tiny Terrace Bird Watching...

The elusive house sparrow...
Love the birdy head tilt. Usually when you see birds low to the ground do this, follow their lead, there could be something interesting up above...
My attempt at being "artsy."
I appear to be interrupting something.
I believe this bird is asking me to get his "good side."
The crows were active today, because the lowest bird in this photo is a red tail hawk and they were not happy about it being in the area. Crows are really really intelligent and will do their best to find predators and let them have a piece of their mind until the skiddaddle.
The hawk winging it out.
And the crows follow.
This blue jay is in the corvid family, in other words, it is in the same family as crows. These guys push their weight around too, especially at the feeder.