Monday, September 12, 2016

Early Morning Ventures

     This morning felt like fall, I rolled out of bed, got dressed packed the work essentials into my pre-packed bag, hopped on the bike and went to Prospect Park. You know you have a good partner in life when they don't question your insane ideas, like getting up and running out to look at birds. You know you have an especially good husband when after a day of work, his first question is "did you see anything good?"
     I saw more than I thought for a quick, short morning of birding but nothing super crazy. I was really just happy to ID my fall warblers successfully, including chestnut-sided, prairie, and Canada- among my faves for this morning.
     Snapped a few pictures, but early morning birds are feisty- so much movement it is better to stay on them with binoculars than your camera. Enjoy the few I was able to snap...
Eastern Wood-Pewees on the prowl for insects. It was so cool this morning you could guarantee to see your most active birds in the sunlight, hawking for insects that gathered to soak up its warmth. This pewee was flycatching like, well, a flycatcher.
Got some help on this ID (thank you!!!), Magnolia warbler. Fall warblers have odd plumages that do make some species look incredibly similar. And some were so hard to get a good look at with their fast movement and tons of leaves to dart behind.

A fast-paced, super speedy perch-changing, Canada Warbler.
A handsome, sun-lit pine warbler... NOPE, Northern Paraula- fall warblers are not my forte.
And then I realized I had to haul my butt to work and I was so cold, I couldn't believe how much the temperature dropped over the last 24 hours!