Monday, September 5, 2016

Plumb Beach, 9.4.16

     With forecasts from the week predicting this weekend to be a bust, I'm so glad they were wrong! This weekend the humidity felt non-existant, with warm temperatures by day and cool and pleasant by night. It's pretty perfect, and I was not totally bummed out with trips to Plumb Beach and Dead Horse Bay just past hight tide and a tropical storm looming off shore.
     Waves were tame and the shorebirds frolicked in them as they lapped up at the shoreline. No complaints it seems from humans or birds.
Most peeps were sanderlings, and they were very handsome!

Some had remnants of the rufus, red color they would have in their breeding plumage.
A common tern and a laughing gull. Caspian and royal terns had been reported in previous dates, I had no sightings of them.
While checking out the tern and gulls, I noticed a large bird coming over the marsh- an Osprey! He came close, hovered and then...
He splashed right into the small channel in front of me, that leads into the marsh. He came up empty taloned, but I was pretty impressed at how he was 98% submerged and then came up and flew right back out.
Better luck next time, bud.
A laughing gull pushes his weight around to the smaller sanderlings.
He seemed pretty proud of himself.
Cute little sanderling!
This was actually an aggressive stance, used to chase other sanderlings out of where this individual was feeding.
A sanderling still molting.
Another funny molting sanderling.

Pretty pretty sure this is good for a semipalmated sandpiper.
Same bird as above.
Juvenile common tern at Dead Horse Bay.

A group of sanderlings flew in from across the chennal, possibly the same ones I saw before.